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occasional game

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Wizard Comix
Comic - Ongoing

Assorted adventures of weird androgynous wizards.
Destination Paradise
Game - Ongoing

Space Age inspired survival card game. Currently in testing. Contact me if you're interested in trying it out.
The Infinite Bestiary
Web Resource - 2013

A random monster generator for writing or drawing reference created with Jesse Thomason.
Unofficial Adventure Time Role Playing Game
Game - 2012

A redux of 4th Edition D&D set in the Adventure Time universe. Completely unofficial.
Owl House
Comic - 2010

Supernatural adventures of a large cast of college students.
Le Pistolet
Comic - 2010

My brief stint with autobiographical comics. Also Space Dog.
Comic - 2008

A historial mini-comic about ancient Alexandria done as a graduate project.
Comic - 2008

My first webcomic. Retained here for humility and posterity.